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Vintage Cookbook News: finally has global search capacity for the entire site. See that Q in the upper right corner? Type in “baking” or “dinner menus” or “Ohio cookbooks” or a specific title, like “Perfection in Baking.” I bet we have what you’re looking for!

More cookbook news: Many antique cookbooks added, including: Marion Harland’s Dinner Year-Book, 1878 first edition, a 1942 first edition of M.F.K. Fisher’s How to Cook a Wolf; a 1939 first edition, first printing of the Williamsbury Art of Cookery; Gentleman’s Companion, 1939, 1946, Vols I & II; Dr. Chase’s Recipes, 1902:  Holland Cook Book, 1887; a first edition copy of the Palmer House Cook Book, 1933; Kettner’s Book of The Table, 1877; Alice B. Toklas Cook Book, 1954; Williamsburg Art of Cookery in leather binding; How I Cook It, 1954; Alice’s Restaurant Cookbook with its plastic record; Home Comfort Cook Book, 1948; Folk Wines, Cordials, and Brandies, 1963; the Edgewater Book of Salads; Buckeye Cookery, 1887; the leather-bound edition of Brown Derby Cookbook, 1952; an as-if-new first edition of Just Cocktails, Three Mountaineers, 1939; Mrs. Lincoln’s Boston Cook Book, 1883, 1896; Cricket Tea Room Cook Book, 1938; Gourmet of the Delta; A Date with a Dish: A Cook Book of American Negro Recipes, 1948; Pot of Gold: Prize-Winning Recipes and How to Write Them, by Anne Voges, 1953; Catering for Special Occasions, by Fannie Merritt Farmer, 1911, first edition; A la Rector, 1933, first edition; The Kitchen and the Cotton Patch, 1948, first edition; The Art of Cooking Omelettes by Madame Romaine De Lyon, 1963, first edition; The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book, first American edition; The Williamsburg Art of Cookery, 1742, 1966 printing; When Mother Lets Us Cook, 1908; Nine Hundred Successful Recipes by Lulu Thompson Silvernail, 1923; The Salad Book from Woman’s World Magazine, 1929; Mrs. Rorer’s Cook Book, 1886; Perfection in Baking, 1893, 1900; Here’s How in wooden cover, 1941; Mrs. Lincoln’s Boston Cook Book, 1883, 1896; Candy for Dessert, 1919; The Blue Ribbon Cook Book, 1904, 1922; The Wall Street Cook Book, 1966; Hiller’s New Calendar of Desserts with its original gift box, 1925; The Jolly Times Cook Book, 1934; Fine Old Dixie Recipes with its carved wood “Mammy” cover; The Mary Frances Cook Book: Adventures Among the Kitchen People, 1912, and more. Antiquarian or antique cookbooks marked down and on sale! All regional and ethnic cookbooks marked down and on sale! carries antique, rare, vintage, old and first edition cookbooks or cook books. Antique, vintage and collectible international cookbooks. Antique and vintage advertising cookbooks. Difficult-to-find old, antique and vintage international, regional, ethnic and specialty cookbooks. Antique, vintage, old, and out-of-print children’s cookbooks. Antique, vintage, old cookbooks from the great chefs and the great restaurants.