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Hotel St. Francis Cook Book
Antique Recipes

Hotel St. Francis Cook Book, 1919

Hotel St. Francis Cook Book, 1919: Some hotel cookbooks, or restaurant cookbooks, or chefs' cookbooks, grow long on the author's memoirs, yet are short on recipes. Not this one! From page one through page 400, all are packed with recipes and menus. There's not a…
Blue Book Cookery
Antique Recipes

Thanksgiving Dinner, Blue Book Cookery

Thanksgiving Dinner, Blue Book Cookery:  Here's the Thanksgiving Dinner that might have been served at the Congress Hotel, Chicago, Illinois.  Menus and recipes!  Blue Book Cookery: Blue Book of Cookery and Manual of House Management, 1926: A summary of approved recipes as practiced by professional…
Museum of Modern Art Artists' Cookbook
Antique Recipes

Robert Motherwell’s Turkey from Museum of Modern Art Artists’ Cookbook

Robert Motherwell's Turkey from Museum of Modern Art Artists' Cookbook: This cookbook has several recipes from the painter Robert Motherwell, who was a Cordon Bleu chef. In honor of the season, here's his Thanksgiving turkey recipe! Yes, we have the cookbook. See it here: https://www.vintagecookbook.com/product/museum-modern-art-artists-cookbook-conversations-thirty-contemporary-painters-sculptors-1977/…