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Antique and Rare Cookbooks

Antique and Rare Cookbooks:’s category for truly antiquarian cookbooks–that is, cookbooks that are over 100 years old (or darn close.) This is also the category for truly rare cookbooks, and for those historic cookbooks with fairly limited first editions that are very difficult to find. Vintage Cookbook’s antiquarian and antique cookbooks and cook books, from out-of-print, used reading copies to rare first edition/first printing antique cookbooks. Antique, vintage and collectible American cookbooks published in the United States during 1700s, 1800s, and early 1900s are here, along with many first edition antique cookbooks!

Antique and rare cookbooks currently on the site include:  Fashions in Foods in Beverly Hills, 1929; Here Let Us Feast: A Book of Banquets, M.F.K. Fisher, 1946; Epicurean, 1894, 1920; Delmonico’s: A Century of Splendor, 1967; Orange Judd Cook Book, 1914; International Cook Book, Filippini, 1906, 1911; Fine Old Dixie Recipes with a wood “Mammy” cover; Catering for Special Occasions, 1911; Old Waldorf Bar Days, 1931, First Edition, First Printing; Old Mr. Boston, 1935;  Just Cocktails, 1939; Les Diners de Gala by Salvador Dali, 1973; A La Rector, 1933; Alice B. Toklas Cook Book, 1954; Warren Cook-Book, 1920; 200 Years of New Orleans Cooking, 1931; Famous Recipes Famous People, 1940; Marigold Cook Book, 1938; Mary Land’s Louisiana Cookery, 1954; 200 Years of Charleston Cooking, 1930, 1934; Miss Parloa’s Kitchen Companion, 1887; Mrs. Lincoln’s Boston Cook Book, 1884, 1894; Fashions in Foods in Beverly Hills, 1929; Sook’s Cook Book: Memories and Traditional Receipts from Deep South; Family Recipes: Secrets of Maude Landry’s Kitchen; Great 20th Century Cook Book: Three Meals a Day, 1902;  Miss Hulling’s Favorite Recipes; Can Greeks Cook; Dining in Chicago by John Drury, 1931; In Pursuit of Flavor by Edna Lewis, 1988; Daily News Cook Book, 1896; Fine Old Dixie Recipes Wood “Mammy” Cover, 1938, First Edition; Purity Cook Book, 1932, 1945; Pastry Cook and Confectioner PastryCook & Confectioners’ Guide, 1892, 1913; Treasury of Great Recipes, 1965; Barbeque’n with Bobby: Righteous, Down-Home Barbeque Recipes by Bobby Seale; Treasury of Great Recipes, 1965; Nine Hundred Successful Recipes, 1923; Pacific Coast Seafood Chef, 1953; Alphabet for Gourmets, M.F.K. Fisher, 1949; Louise’s Florida Cook Book, 1968, 1978; Mama Mia Italian Cookbook, 1955;  Epicurean, 1894, 1920, Beautifully Rebound; Southern Cooking, 1928; Feeding the Lions: An Algonquin Cookbook, 1942; Housekeeping in the Blue Grass, 1874; Everybody’s Cook Book, 1924, 1937; Twig Cook Book, 1900s; Every-Day Cook-Book, 1886; What to Have for Dinner, Fannie Farmer, 1905; Mexican Cookbook, Fergusson, 1945; Louis’ Salads & Chafing Dishes, 1906, First Edition; Williamsburg Art of Cookery, Leather, 1938; Fifty-Two Sunday Dinners, 1913, 1915; Cooking A La Ritz Cooking A La Ritz, 1941, Louis Diat; New Annie Dennis Cook Book, 1905; Savouries a la Mode by Harriet de Salis, 1903; Dee-Licious Recipes, 1932; Swiss Bakery and Confectionery, 1949;  Purity Cook Book, 1932, 1945; Mary Land’s Louisiana Cookery, 1954, First Edition! Gay Cookbook, 1965; Dining in Chicago by John Drury, 1931; Feeding the Lions: An Algonquin Cookbook, 1942; Columbia Cook Book 1895 First Edition; Alice B. Toklas Cookbook, 1954; Every-Day Cook-Book, 1886 First Edition, First Printing! Common Sense in the Kitchen, 1870 First Edition; Mrs. Lincoln’s Boston Cook Book, 1884, 1892; Warren Cook-Book, 1923, Sixth Edition; Mrs. Rorer’s Cook Book, First Edition, 1886; Sunset’s Barbecue Book, 1938, 1949; Calorie Cook Book, 1923; A Cookbook for Booksellers, 1965; Choice Recipes, 1914; Connecticut Cookbook, 1944; Food and Cookery, 1917; Physical Culture Cook Book, 1929; Country Kitchen Cook Book, 1934; Larkin Housewives’ Cook Book, 1923; Practical Dietetics, 1923; Any One Can Bake, 1929, Fine Old Dixie Recipes with a wood “Mammy” cover; Edgewater Beach Hotel Book Salads, Culinary Gleanings, 1938, Marion Harland’s Cook Book, Standard Book Recipes Housewife’s Guide, Little Cook Book for Little Girl, 1905, Ellington Cook Book, 1916; Das Ist Zucker That’s Sugar; Art of Cooking Omelettes, 1963; Casserole, Hulse, 1914, PastryCook Confectioners’ Guide, 1892; Queen Cooks Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, 1938; Burke’s Complete Cocktail & Drinking Recipes with Recipes for Food Bits for the Cocktail Hour, 1934, 1936; Williamsburg Art of Cookery, 1938; Fireless Cook Book, 1911; Mrs. Allen on Cooking, Menus, Service, 1926; Escoffier, 1969, A Guide to the Fine Art of Cookery; Whole-Family Cook Book, 1931; Kitchen Ranging, 1929; Unusual Soups: Hot & Cold Soups for All Occasions, 1981; Buckeye Cookery, 1880, 1883; Common Sense in the Kitchen, 1870; Le Cookbook: Favorite Recipes French American Residents of Paris, 1978; How to Cook a Wolf, 1942, 1944; Good Housekeeping, 1944; Mary Ronald’s Century Cook Book, 1885, 1911; Mrs. Lincoln’s Cook Book, 1884, 1819; Jersey Shore Cooks and Artists, 1958; the Home Cook Book, 1877; Salads, Sandwiches and Chafing Dish Dainties, 1899, 1920; Daily News Cook Book, 1896; Out of Kentucky Kitchens, 1949; Common Sense in the Household: A Manual of Practical Housewifery, 1871; The Great 20th Century Cook Book: Three Meals a Day, 1902; Hotel St. Francis Cook Book, 1919; Coastal Carolina Cooking, 1958, 1960; Every-Day Cook-Book, 1886 First Edition, First Printing; Key to the Pantry: Choice, Tried Recipes, 1907; Nero Wolfe Cook Book, 1973; Columbia Cook Book, 1895; Hollywood Glamour Cook Book by Mariposa, 1940; New Orleans Recipes Used in the South for more than 200 Years; Bayou Cook Book, 1967, 1976; New Orleans Recipes, 1932; With a Saucepan Over the Sea, 1902; The Art of Eating, 1954; Catering for Special Occasions, Fannie Farmer, 1911; Just for Two Cookbook, Lily Haxworth Wallace, 1942; Gentleman’s Companion or Around the World with Knife Fork & Spoon, 1939, 1946; The Favorite Cook Book, 1894; Mangiamo Let’s Eat, 1970; Cooking a la Ritz, 1941; America Cooks, 1967; M.F.K. Fisher’s How to Cook a Wolf, 1944; Miss Parloa’s New Cook Book, 1881; Carolina Foods, Illustrated by Carew Rice, 1957; Fifty-two Sunday Dinners, 1913, 1915; Can the Greeks Cook, 1950; Palmer House Cook Book, 1933, first edition; Boundary County Cook Book, 1927; Household Science and Arts, 1913; America’s Cook Book, New York Herald Tribune, 1937, 1946; Mrs. Harding’s Twentieth Century Cook Book, 1921; From Manna to Mousse, 1969; Food and Finesse: The Bride’s Bible, 1945; Good Housekeeping Everyday Cook Book, 1903; Nine Hundred Successful Recipes, 1923; Blue Book of Cookery, 1926; Mama Mia Italian Cookbook, 1955; Popular Lithuanian Recipes, 1955, 1974;  Love and Knishes, 1957; Breakfast, Luncheon and Tea, Marion Harland, 1875, 1886; Neighborhood Cook Book, 1912, 1914; Prejean’s Cookbook, 2004; A Salute to Forty-Eight of Our Country’s Best Chefs, 1995; The American Women’s Club Cook Book, 1926; The Blue Book of American Dishes, 1926; A Butler’s Recipe Book, 1719, 1935; The Beloit Cook Book, 1914, 1930; Mrs. Mary Martensen’s Recipes, 1932.