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Vintage Aprons

Vintage Aprons for Grown-Up Cooks and Little Girls: Vintage cocktail aprons, vintage smock aprons, vintage cotton aprons. Vintage holiday and Christmas aprons from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Aprons with rickrack, aprons made of dotted Swiss, a God Jul Vintage Rayon Christmas Apron, Vintage Christmas Apron with Musical Instruments, Vintage Poinsettia Apron in Brilliant, Crisp Organdy, Vintage Apron in 1960s Op Art Cotton, a Vintage Embroidered Swiss Cotton Apron for Little Girl with Marshall Field’s Label, Vintage Kreier Bib with Fondue Theme, Vintage Polished Cotton Apron with Exotic Asian Print, Vintage Gingerbread Cookie Apron, Vintage Dotted Swiss Apron for Little Girl, Vintage Organdy and Calico Apron, Vintage Apron with Strawberries and Rickrack.