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Vintage Specialty Cookbooks

Vintage Specialty Cookbooks: Vintage Cookbook’s out-of-print, rare, antique, antiquarian and vintage specialty cookbooks that feature one food, one meal, one topic, or one cook, such as entertaining, menus, dinners, husbands, potlucks. Includes historic specialty cookbooks to add to your vintage cookbook collection! And we stash the aphrodisiac cookbooks here!

Vintage specialty cookbooks currently on the website include: Cookie Book, First Printing, 1939 Wood Cover; Das Ist Zucker That’s Sugar; Eat It: A Cookbook by Dana Crumb, Art by R. Crumb, 1972, 1974; In the Beginning: A Collection of Hors d’Oeuvres; What to Cook for Company, 1952; Venus in the Kitchen, 1953: Chafing Dish Cookbook; Man and His Meals, 1947; Inter Courses: Aphrodisiac Cookbook; Aphrodisiac Cookery, 1970; Naked Chef: Aphrodisiac Cook Book; Cookbook for Lovers, 1970; Unusual Soups: Hot & Cold Soups for All Occasions, 1981; Hollywood Glamour Cook Book by Mariposa; Barbeque’n with Bobby Signed by Bobby Seale; Sunset’s Barbecue Book, 1938, 1948; New Cookbook for Poor Poets and Others, 1979; Sourdough Jack’s Cookery And Other Things; Cooking with Casseroles from Sunset, 1958; Cedar Creek Game Cookbook; Cooking with Casseroles from Sunset, 1958; Fancy Pantry Fancy Pantry: Elegant Edibles, Helen Witty, 1986; Aphrodisiac Cookery, 1970; Splendid Soups, James Peterson, 1993.