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Cooking with the Dead: Recipes and Stories from Fans on the Road



Cooking with the Dead: Recipes and Stories from Fans on the Road: Cookbook written by Elizabeth Zipern and published in 1995 by St. Martin’s Paperbacks: New York. Paperback first edition. 147 pages. Mint condition. Never used.

Most celebrity cookbooks–at least the ones I’ve seen–are compilations of recipes begged from celebrities. OR, they are compilations of recipes made up by the author to coordinate with songs or movies or something associated with the celebrity.

This cookbook is a collection of recipes for dishes the Grateful Dead fans sold at the Dead concerts.
From the back of the book: “A culinary journey into the psychedelic world of America’s most enduring band, Cooking with the Dead brings you scores of quick, easy recipes for the favorite parking-lot delicacies of Grateful Dead fans everywhere. And each recipe comes with a profile of a fan of the Grateful Dead–a revealing real-life look at the phenomenon, the energy, and the magic of Deadheads on the road.”

The recipes are for items like Miracles Latte, Miracles Magic Italian Soda, the Ultimate Burrito, Rainbow Pasta, Sprouted Organic Humous, Psychedelic Veggie Sandwich, Tim’s Sumptuous Stir-Fry, and and High Thai.

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