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Storyland Cook Book, 1948, Lithographed Illustrations



Storyland Cook Book, 1948, Lithographed Illustrations: Children’s cookbook written by Helen Jill Fletcher and Jack Deckter. Illustrated by Dorcas, with the illustrations beautifully and vividly lithographed. Oversized, hardcover book with 44 pages. Excellent antique condition. The cover has moderate shelf wear. A few pages, including the title page, have moderate scribbles. The binding is sound, no pages are torn, most pages are clean and clear.

Each recipe page has a short synopsis of a fairy tale, with a dish built into the story. The ingredients list follows the story, then there’s a section called “What We Do” that provides the instructions for making the recipe. Every recipe has a full page, full color illustration on the facing page. The fairy tales include Heidi, Snow-White, Hansel and Gretel, Brownie of the Lake, Snow Queen, Pinocchio, and more.

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